Significance and conditions


Automated driving — the future of mobility

Today, efficient driver assistance systems are already helping drivers reach their destination in a safer, more relaxed manner. In the future, these systems will tackle increasingly complex driving situations and assist the driver — or even act independently. Each innovation brings us a little closer to accident-free, automated driving.

Automated driving will change the future of mobility. There will be fewer accidents, fewer traffic jams and lower harmful emissions. Instead of steering the vehicle ourselves, we will calmly leaf through a newspaper, prepare ourselves for meetings, or catch up on our email. The dream of self-driving vehicles may become a reality in the near future, as the technology needed is already in existence today.

What drives us What drives us What drives us

What drives us

We want to make driving safer — and, in the long term, even accident-free. We also aim to reduce CO2 emissions and increase driving convenience.

Megatrends Megatrends Megatrends


Our development process is also strongly influenced by global developments and long term trends.

Benefits Benefits Benefits


Automation offers many benefits — for the driver, other road users, and the environment.

Degrees of automation Degrees of automation Degrees of automation

Degrees of automation

The development of automation — from assistance systems to self-driving cars will progress in an evolutionary process.

Legal framework Legal framework Legal framework

Legal framework

It is not just the technology that must be developed further; we must also consider matters of legal responsibility.


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