Hybrid and electric drives


Full of energy for innovative powertrain solutions.

To get an idea of what concerns and drives today's society, just take a look at the requirements in tomorrow's environmental legislation. The demand for mobility is greater than ever – but, at the same time, the whole industry faces new challenges. The electrification of the powertrain opens up new opportunities for the automotive sector and for drivers.

Systems for hybrid and all-electric vehicles are clean, safe, economical – and fun. The decision to drive a vehicle powered by electricity is not based solely on conclusive rational arguments. Bosch's innovative solutions are fascinating examples of state-of-the-art technology; our customers are enthusiastic about their emotional dynamism and torque.

As an electromobility pioneer, Bosch offers a comprehensive portfolio of electrified powertrain systems for various topologies – from low-voltage entry-level hybridization to hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology to electrical powertrains.

 Low-voltage hybrid systems  Low-voltage hybrid systems Low-voltage hybrid systems

Low-voltage hybrid systems

The entry-level hybridization of the powertrain on a 48-volt basis enables recuperation, start-stop coasting and boosting. It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by an average of 15%.

 High-voltage hybrid  High-voltage hybrid High-voltage hybrid

High-voltage hybrid

The hybrid drive combines the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are lowered and pollutant emissions reduced by sharing the load with the internal combustion engine.

 Electric drive  Electric drive Electric drive

Electric drive

The electric vehicle is driven solely using electric power, and thus uses no fuel and emits no CO2 while on the move. Systems for electric vehicles will in future offer a compelling combination of CO2-free mobility and economy.


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