Bifuel CNG-Systems

  • Function
    Functions of the Bosch bifuel CNG system

    Engines equipped with Bosch bifuel CNG powertrain systems burn compressed natural gas (CNG — of which the main component is methane) or gasoline. The two separate fuel systems are controlled by the same engine management system. This innovative concept enables the engine to switch between CNG and gasoline mode without any jump in torque, and hence imperceptibly.

    Fuel supply

    In CNG mode, the compressed gas in the fuel tank is fed via the fuel rail to a pressure regulator that reduces the gas pressure from 200 bar to less than 10 bar. The Bosch high-pressure sensor monitors the gas pressure in the high-pressure system.

    Fuel injection

    The pressure regulator delivers the natural gas to the injectors via the CNG fuel rail. A medium-pressure sensor measures the temperature and pressure in the rail. The Bosch NGI2 natural gas injectors inject precisely the required amount of gas into the inlet manifold. The air-gas mixture is then ignited by a spark plug.

    Engine management

    The Bosch Motronic ECU for CNG controls air management, ignition, and exhaust-gas treatment.

  • Customer benefits
    Convincing advantages of Bosch bifuel CNG powertrain systems

    Bosch is a driver of innovation and technological leader in the field of CNG systems, and works continuously on improvements aimed at exploiting the full potential of this powertrain concept.

    • CNG powertrain systems reduce CO₂ emissions by around 25 % compared with gasoline systems. This reduction is due to the composition of the fuel. The use of biomethane produced from renewable resources will enable the product carbon footprint (PCF) of CNG vehicles to be reduced still further.
    • Bosch CNG technology reduces vehicle operating costs.
    • In many countries, CNG fuel is significantly cheaper than gasoline or diesel.
    • Bosch CNG powertrain systems deliver high engine performance.
    • Cold-weather starts with CNG alone.
    • The Bosch CNG natural gas injector NGI2 has a special manifold valve that enables it to open easily even at low temperatures. As a result, no preheating cycle in gasoline mode is required.
  • Automotive competence
    Comprehensive portfolio and extensive expertise

    Bosch creates valuable synergies for automakers by offering a comprehensive portfolio of CNG products for vehicles ranging from compact cars to luxury saloons, including solutions for turborcharging and special solutions for the Asian low-price-vehicle market.

    Systems competence and comprehensive know-how

    Powertrain applications are designed and integrated in accordance with the customer's system requirements. This reduces development and testing time so as to achieve earlier production readiness, and generally reduces costs. As a complete systems provider, Bosch knows the technical requirements involved and understands the need for a coordinated design that takes all interdependencies into account.

    Driving innovation and technology

    Innovative CNG technologies to improve vehicle performance demand a strong commitment to R&D. CNG technologies from Bosch already make it possible to implement innovative engine concepts such as downsizing with turbocharging.

    Ensuring quality and reliability

    Bosch products are renowned for their engineering quality, and the systems for CNG vehicles are no exception. Their precision, robustness, and durability are the guarantee of reliability and a long service life, which in the case of Bosch CNG systems extends to 240,000 kilometers.

    Global presence

    Bosch has R&D and manufacturing facilities for CNG technology at locations around the world, and is thus familiar with each market's specific requirements. This customer proximity promotes close collaboration and flexible responses, with short communication paths that save both time and costs.

    Long-term partnership

    Bosch is a trusted partner of the automotive industry throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle, providing reliable support for new CNG powertrain systems from the conceptual and development stages through to series production. With after-sales services including workshop diagnosis and spare-part supplies.


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