Display systems

Beyond driving

In future, the car will be your third living space and personal assistant.

@CES 2016, Bosch presents its roadmap for the future of connected mobility.

  • Function
    Focus on convenience and safety

    Bosch develops and produces innovative display and control systems that allow modern navigation and infotainment systems to inform, entertain, and ease the strain on drivers. In addition to safety and driving convenience, all developments focus on ergonomics, design, and easy operation.

    Innovative screen and display technologies enable instruments to be designed to display information in entirely new ways.

    OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays, for instance, offer a range of technical advantages: flexible picture content, reduced build height, high contrast ratio, and particularly low energy consumption.

    The head-up display projects situation-specific information such as speed limits, navigation information, and warning alerts directly into the driver’s primary field of view.

    Bosch’s DualView display is particularly convenient, as it is able to present different types of image content to the driver and front-seat passenger at the same time.

    Extensive networking of individual systems via the vehicle’s bus system enables additional smart functions to be implemented that help the driver and front-seat passenger to navigate, or that support them in critical driving situations.

  • Customer benefits
    Smarter car driving

    The multitude of new infotainment services, driver assistance systems, and vehicle functions means drivers are presented with a large and varied amount of in-car information, while any mobile devices drivers have with them introduce even more stimuli. In order to be able to control and prioritize this wealth of information, mobile devices, apps, and web-based applications must be connected to the interface between driver and vehicle – the human machine interface (HMI). As a result, increasingly complex demands are being made of the HMI as regards driving safety, transparency, and user friendliness.

    Today’s applications provide information, warn of dangers, or give driving recommendations in order to optimize driving safety, comfort, and energy consumption. In future, they will also provide partially and fully autonomous driving functions such as fully automated parking or autonomous braking. The job of the HMI is to indicate to the driver what these systems are doing at all times, in a manner they can understand.

    Bosch is already working on tomorrow’s HMI systems and supports automakers during early stages of development by offering innovative system solutions for integrating modern media into complex HMI systems.

  • Automotive competence
    Comprehensive portfolio and extensive expertise

    Bosch’s diverse multimedia system portfolio includes display systems, infotainment, and entertainment systems, as well as navigation systems. Successful solutions for in-car infotainment and multimedia require comprehensive know-how and the ability to quickly and flexibly address and process market trends. Bosch anticipates automakers’ standardization requests in line with end-user requirements concerning data formats and interfaces, for example, and implements these with foresight.

    Systems competence and comprehensive know-how

    Modern multimedia systems must be able to reliably display lots of information. This makes it essential to ensure stable connections between all the various vehicle domains. Bosch has an integrated understanding of the automobile as a composite system, and its system integration capabilities mean it can match the short innovation cycles commonly found in the consumer-electronics market.

    Driving innovation and technology

    Bosch creates innovations that make vehicles safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. Bosch already connects all in-car entertainment, navigation, communication, and operating functions to form a single system, which helps greatly to deliver necessary improvements in the way information is displayed in the vehicle.

    Ensuring quality and reliability

    Bosch products meet the highest possible technical requirements and form the basis for vehicles equipped to the highest standards. Their high degree of functional safety, reliability, precision, durability, and longevity regularly receive awards from Bosch’s customers.

    Global presence

    Bosch is a multinational supplier, always close to where its customers are. With locations across all four continents, Bosch facilitates short paths and rapid, simple collaboration. Thanks to its in-country presence, Bosch is familiar with specific local requirements.

    Long-term partnership

    Bosch is a competent and reliable partner to the automotive industry over the complete life of the vehicle. From designing and developing new multimedia systems through to series production, and beyond this for vehicle servicing and active marketing.


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