Driver assistance systems

Driver assistance systems
  • Function

    Based on surround sensors such as radar, video and/or ultrasound, driver assistance systems sense and interpret the surroundings. They assist the driver in various driving situations and increase the driving comfort. In addition, driver assistance systems improve driving safety by supporting the driver in critical driving situations that require rapid and safe action.

    Bosch is a member of several initiatives that aim to promote the public awareness of and knowledge about driver assistance systems: the European initiative “eSafety Aware!”, the German information campaign "bester Beifahrer" by the German Road Safety Council (DVR), as well as the “Driving for Better Business” campaign by the British Department for Transport.

  • Customer benefits
    • Routine tasks are taken over
    • More comfortable and relaxed driving, parking and maneuvering
    • Modular system design allows for varied functional extension
    • Synergies due to expertise in system development and networking

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