CNG electronic control unit CNG electronic control unit
Two fuels - one ECU: Bosch Motronic for bifuel / CNG

The Motronic ECU for bifuel CNG vehicles controls the air-gas mixture for both fuels (air volume, volume of injected natural gas, and timing), injection, and exhaust-gas treatment. The integration of these functions in a single control unit offers convincing advantages:

  • Cost savings
  • Integrated system with high optimization potential

A further advantage of the bifuel ECU concept is the ability to make a coordinated change between gasoline and CNG mode at every operating point without any jump in torque and hence with no load change reaction. When the CNG fuel tank is almost empty, the ECU automatically switches to the gasoline supply, without any noticeable effects for the driver. The driver can also switch between the two fuel systems manually.

The Bosch Motronic for bifuel CNG is based on the Motronic version for gasoline injection and controls the CNG injectors via separate driver stages. The torque-guided control permits the simple integration of the functions which are specific for CNG operation.

Technical features:

  • Common platform for gasoline and diesel ECUs
  • Infineon 32-bit microcontroller
  • Standard communication interfaces (CAN, or Flexray, SENT, LIN, KLINE)
  • High software and hardware scaleability
  • Fourfold increase in processing capacity from basic segment to high end
  • Standard data formats that support software upgrades and global development processes (AUTOSAR)
Integrated, standardized, scaleable

Bosch Motronic for bifuel CNG:

  • Extremely varied range of specifications for diverse engine and vehicle types:
    • from compact cars to luxury saloons
    • for low-price vehicles
    • for downsizing through turbocharging
  • Strong potential for enhanced functions
  • Flexible incorporation of customer software

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