Electronic battery sensor Electronic Battery Sensor EBS

Modern cars feature a number of systems designed to enhance comfort, improve safety and reduce CO2 emissions. However, the electrical power consumed by these systems increases the risk of field failures resulting from discharged or defective batteries. This risk is mitigated by an energy management system which controls power distribution and generation in order to increase the availability of the vehicle electrical system. This is also a crucial prerequisite for engine start-stop systems and intelligent alternator control systems, as these depend on guaranteed startability. A basic requirement for electrical energy management is a reliable method of battery status recognition.

One method of reliably determining the battery charge level is provided by the Bosch Electronic Battery Sensor (EBS), a key component of the energy management system. Installed in the battery pole niche, it dynamically records the battery parameters of current, voltage and temperature with the utmost precision. The battery status recognition software integrated in the EBS uses these readings to determine the current and anticipated future status of the battery. In addition, the EBS offers advanced diagnostic functions during production, vehicle transportation and service operations.


Supplies the input variables which enable the EEM to:

  • guarantee engine startability
  • maintain a reliable vehicle power supply
  • increase battery life
  • reduce fuel consumption

  • Scalable and programmable output data
  • Very high measurement accuracy ensures optimum energy management performance

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